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Starting and Growing Small Businesses Since 2015

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta partners with The East Lake Foundation to support entrepreneurs in the East Lake and Kirkwood communities.


The East Lake program runs annually from January through April. 

$10,000 in seed grants are distributed among the top business ventures.

East Lake Program At-A-Glance



Businesses Served


Combined Annual Revenue


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Peer-Selected to Receive Capital

Visit our Entrepreneur Page to learn about the  Start:ME alums from East Lake & Kirkwood

Where is the program?

We work with business owners who live in, work in, and/or provide valuable products or services to the
East Lake & Kirkwood neighborhoods.

Meet the East Lake Team

Start:ME is powered by partnerships that bring a business school, community organizations, engaged citizens, and sponsors together. These partnerships are at the heart of what makes the program successful.

The East Lake program is delivered by:

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