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Start:ME Spotlight:

Jessica Woodside



WIKA Instrument


East Lake


Energetically striving to inform interactions with honesty and understanding. I approach every situation with empathy and my own brand of irreverent humor.

You're a marketing guru. What marketing tips do you have for entrepreneurs just getting started?


"Keep it simple and inexpensive!"

Keep it simple and inexpensive! Social media and referral programs are your bffs. When it comes to social media, pick a max of 2-3 platforms you're comfortable with, and post consistently on those. Use social to tell your story in a way that fosters emotional connections without being TOO personal. (Your vacation pics still belong on your personal Instagram, not your business account!) For referral programs, ask current customers what they would like as a thank you gift, and do that. Discounted or complimentary service often works, but that may not be the case for everyone.

WIKA, your current company, makes industrial equipment. Can you share a little about how they market?

"I dabble in lead generation via LinkedIn advertising."


I'm currently a Senior Marketing Campaigns & Communications Manager for WIKA USA. WIKA is a German company that provides measurement instrumentation (think pressure gauges and temperature measurement) to various industries all over the world. I work in the American corporate headquarters, heading up content creation, internal and external communications, and email nurture campaigns. I dabble in lead generation via LinkedIn advertising. A good bit of my time is spent working with our in-house subject matter experts on creating new content for blog posts, white papers, case studies, infographics, etc. that I then distribute via various marketing campaigns.

What is the favorite product you've seen as a Start:ME mentor?


"I'm still blown away by Jasmine from Anything Vegan and her insanely flavorful vegan sauces."

Oh man, that's a tough one, especially after working with three cohorts full of crazy talented people. If we're only talking products, I'm still blown away by Jasmine from Anything Vegan and her insanely flavorful vegan sauces. I also love Poppa Corn's popcorn, and any time Keith brings snacks along with him to our Tuesday night meetings.

Services-wise, I have to give a shout out to Indigo Wellness. I've been a semi regular massage client since we worked together a couple years ago, and love everything about the space, customer service, and the consistency of her staff.

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