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Elysa and Stan Sugarman



Revel Systems / Stryant Investments


East Lake


Elysa and Stan and long time Start:ME supporters.

What is your favorite aspect of Start:ME?


"I love the energy of people following their dreams and enjoy seeing new businesses pop up in my neighborhood."

Stan: I enjoy seeing the progress of the businesses that come through the program from the initial interview to successful businesses years later. Knowing that the program has such a profound role in helping these individuals is very fulfilling.

How did you both end up involved in the program?

"Stan: I met Brian at Kirkwood Neighbors Organization meeting and was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm."

Elysa: Stan was involved first, as an Emory grad and a small business owner.  Brian told him they were looking for more women and more food service, so he brought me in.  We alternated weeks for a year or two, shared businesses for another, and then split up programs. Stan: I met Brian at Kirkwood Neighbors Organization meeting and was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm. We volunteered the 1st year of StartME Kirkwood and East Lake and every year since.

Between you and us, who is the stronger mentor? Stan or Elysa?


"Elysa: Stan is. Stan: I believe Elysa is"

Elysa: Stan is. He’s been where they are and has more real world advice. I like to smooth out some of the rough edges as they work through problems and express what they do to others. Stan: I believe Elysa is a stronger mentor due to her background as a consultant she is great at giving feedback.

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